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No, you cannot borrow my car. You cannot borrow my car because you are irresponsible, a bad driver and a slob. Besides, I have worked very hard to get this car. You had accidents in the past and you do not drive properly. Moreover, you drink and drive which is very dangerous. I have had to work very hard to get this car and I am not letting you damage it. So, I do not want you to borrow my car. You are a slob. Last week, I came to your house. Your room was so messy and unorganized. I remember your Calculus book. It was torn and its cover was all marked up. There was garbage all over the floor and books spread in every corner of your room. It was a complete mess. And Carlo said that you had borrowed his music player and returned it broken. Carlo had to pay $43 to repair it at the Tech Repair shop near Hoboken. He said that you were irresponsible in handling his music player. So, I do not want my car to be damaged and look like your room. I do not want it to be messed up and dirty. Hence, I do not want to lend you my car. You are a bad driver. You had an accident on Hudson Street where you collided with that red Mustang. It was just a month ago. You drink alcohol and drive. I also remember that you had an accident on Bergen Avenue. You have a bad driving record and that is all because you don’t drive properly. You drive irresponsibly as if you are driving in the race track. I have been with you when you drive. You do not pay attention to the rear view mirror while changing lanes. You do not use the sidelights when making a turn. You seem to drive fast for no reason. I think you had around 3 accidents in the past 6 months. If you commit an accident in my car, then I will have to pay more for the insurance. My expenses will increase. Hence, I do not want you to borrow my car. I have worked very hard to get this car. I have worked day and night to save money for it. It

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