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[pic] Name Students: Mustafa Araz ( 2416318 Masi Toryaly ( 2419269 Ahmet Aydemir ( 2417953 Class: DCE2vB Name Company: Kiwa N.V. Teacher: Mrs. T. Van der Panne Project: Export (sales) plan School: Saxion Hogescholen (Commercial Economy) Version: 1.04 Table of contents 1. Introduction 3 2. Goal of the project 3 3. Main research question (Issue) 3 4. Sub questions 4 5. Practices, methods 6 6. Project organization 6 7. Quality 6 8. Time table 7 9. Literature 8 Internet 8 Books 8 10. Acceptance 9 1. Introduction a. Situation Kiwa Nederland B.V. is a world wide operating testing and Certification organization, with headquarters in Apeldoorn and Rijswijk. Amongst others Kiwa is testing and certifying Solar PV systems. This is a new activity for Kiwa. The market for Solar PV is very promising but quite new for Kiwa as well. Especially the United Kingdom is one of the countries on which we know that it has a good potential for PV but Kiwa has not taken the effort in preparing a plan for marketing and sales for this region.[1] Therefore, we are assigned to make an export and sales plan to enter the market of Solar PV systems in the United Kingdom. b. Problem description The company has strong markets and mark positions in the Netherlands, Belgium, Italy, Turkey, Germany, Sweden, China, Japan and USA. Therefore, it will be attractive to do a study into a possible new export country. After a country search, the United Kingdom was selected. 2. Goal of the project To make an export sales plan for Kiwa in sixteen weeks so that Kiwa gets a 40% more insight into approaching the market for solar panels in the UK. 3. Main research question (Issue) How can Kiwa build up

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