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Graduate Diploma in Business Administration Strategic Management and Leadership -SML Handing Date: 4th of March 2013 Submission Date: 31st May 2013 Word Limit: 3000-3500 words, excluding any diagrams and appendices Assessment: Module is typically assessed by individual assessment. Assessment involves investigative assignment to meet the assessment criteria detailed within SML unit. This unit contains 100% marks based on one assignment. Context: Upon successful completion of the unit, a learner should be able achieve the following learning outcomes (LO): LO1: Understand the concept of management, its functions and skills requirement for managers. LO2: Be able to understand the impact of external environment to an organizational culture. LO3: Be able to understand the managerial role in planning, designing and implementation of strategies for effective decision making. LO4: Be able to evaluate importance of International Management for an organization doing business globally. LO5: Be able to understand leadership role, personality and the importance of leadership in the management of utilization of resources in an organization. LO6: Be able to understand the importance of technology and innovation for competitive advantage. Tasks: Choose an organization and do the following: Task 1: Define the concept of management, functions and skills requirement for managers. Task 2: Evaluate the importance of Strategic Management process and Leadership. Format: Your report should be clearly structured using sub-headings etc. Accuracy, grammatical and economical use of English, good presentation and appropriate citation of sources must be observed. It is encouraged to use figures, tables etc which will help you to explain a point clearly and succinctly. When you use theory or any published source you must reference it correctly using the Harvard

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