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Moises Parra Jr. Professor Shekhtman English 101 3 October 2012 Technology Kills People often enjoy social websites because they don’t have to confront the person face to face and wasting their time building a real relationship with that person instead they use the social websites to confront them. Even though this may seem like a cowardly thing to do many people are doing it. “In the face book generation” written by Alice Mathias she says “A friend of mine was recently in a panic over rumors of a hacker application that would allow facebook users to see who’s been visiting their profiles” (Mathias 2). Mathias friend started to panic because the person who she as a crush on might of use the application to see who views his profile and realized that she constantly check his profile. She also freaks out because she doesn’t want to be rejected. He might not look at her the same way that she looks at him with a physical and emotional attraction. In the article it says that many teen in this generation use facebook as escapism from the real world. Many people post their status on facebook so they can get some attention from some and feel like as if they exist. People who constantly post status on their social website they want to be comfort. They post a picture of them self and in the caption they say “I think I look ugly in this pic”. Teen do this so the friends that they have in their social site can deny it and say something really sweet about them and boost their self confidence or even start a conversation with them. People spend hours on social websites look for people who they have seen in school or work trying to build a virtual relation thinks that they are building a real relationship in real life, but when the two people meet it isn’t the same. Sometime they pass by in the hallways of school or when they see each other at work they don’t

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