Nisman Mystery Essay

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On Sunday, January 18th of 2015, Natalio Alberto Nisman, a fifty-one-year-old federal prosecutor, was found dead inside his locked Buenos Aires apartment. There was a gun nearby, and a bullet wound to his head. Nisman had spent the past decade investigating Argentina’s worst-ever terrorist attack—the terrorist attack of a Jewish centre in Buenos Aires, or AMIA, where eighty-five people were killed. He had to present a report on the AMIA terrorist attack on Monday. But Nisman never made it to Monday; in fact he died on Sunday. So what actually happened? Of course the first suggestion, which appears in the mind is that he committed suicide. «It was a suicide» - this is the quote of the most influenced and independent person of Argentina - Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner (president of Argentina). It seems to be very obvious, his apartment door was closed from inside, a gun right next to his dead body, and of course a deadly wound in the head. Although, here a question arises - Why would Nisman kill himself on the eve of presenting a report, after dedicating years for the investigation on the bombing of a Jewish community centre in Buenos Aires? But from the first day, majority of Argentinians, including his family and friends, refused to believe that Nisman committed suicide. “No one believes the suicide hypothesis,” said one person on Nisman’s investigative team, who declined to be named for fear of the consequences and preferred not to use his cell phone, believing it was tapped. So who might benefit from Nisman’s death? Many Argentines are pointing the finger towards President Kirchner. By Sunday night, thousands had gathered outside the presidential palace to protest Nisman’s death, also holding signs saying - “Christina is the murderer”, in fact she had supported the suicide theory. But some sources state that this blame is taken out from the air, thus no

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