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Annual Report of Nishat Mills Limited for the year ended June 30, 2012 Dream Diversify Deliver A Dream Diversify Deliver A picture is worth a thousand words, but how many times have we stopped to consider the many aspects that make it stand out on its own? From every sketch to each layer of perfection - a masterpiece is always created by those who have the spirit to envisage the impossible. These are the visionaries who let the creative force of imagination surge towards ingenuity and who possess the perseverance to achieve the ultimate goals they originally set out for. At Nishat, we believe in the power of making all our work, a work of art. The illustration displayed on our cover this year manifests the same attitude. Along with the variance of color and the use of diverse form, a sense of undiluted originality shines through our cover image. In addition, it holds a mystical

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