Nintendo's Wii U Seeks To Change Gaming... Essay

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Summary: Nintendo just announced their newest console, the Wii U. While new console’s spring up yearly it seems, the Wii U is unique in both its small and sleek size as well as its radical new controller. The controller resembles a traditional game console controller, except it is much larger and contains a 6.2 in touchscreen in the center, as well as more traditional buttons and analog sticks. Not only does the touchscreen give you new options for gameplay, it can also function as a standalone graphics display, negating the need for a TV for particular game titles. Additionally the controller itself features an internal gyroscope. Unlike the motion censoring of the Wii, the Wii U controller will act as a conduit on its own opening a variety of new avenues. When compared to systems in the past, the Wii U has leapt ahead of all others with the wide range of possibilities for future game development as well as user interaction. The insertion of a tablet into the game controller continues the pushing of the tablet technology into yet another arena and now puts Nintendo back in the front of the innovation and breakthrough position in the gaming industry, an area it has not resided since the Wii was over taken by Microsoft and Sony’s motion capture add ons to the XBOX and PS3. Whether or not the larger controller, advanced movement, and fully HD compatible display will catch on remains to be seen, but at the very least, Nintendo has plunged aggressively into uncharted waters and made the world take note. Analysis: As cool as the gaming system potentially is, the use of the tablet within the controller signifies yet another way the tablet technology has begun trickling down. To me, the success of this system will rely on its ability to go beyond simple gaming. If it can be configured to serve as a controller for a TV/Computer interface or something of the

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