Nine Seventy Essay

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Beep, beep, beep! It’s 5:45 am and she rolls out of bed. Today is the day. She eats brain food for breakfast but has butterflies in her stomach. Getting ready to leave, she grabs a water and snack adding it to the bag she packed the night before. She starts her car and leaves for her high school earlier than usual. Before pulling out she double checks what is in her bag: number two pencil, photo ID, confirmation paper, scientific calculator, water, and snack. The drive seems longer than normal. Her friend texts her, “You ready for this?” The only words she can put together are, “I hope.” Palms sweating, stomach turning, heart pounding. The advisor comes around to each desk checking our confirmation papers and ID. Sitting and waiting, I look around the room. The desk next to mine sits overachiever Oscar wide awake as can be. He is prepared as can be with his six number two pencils, extra eraser, pencil sharpener, calculator, and extra batteries. The overwhelming number of pencils Oscar had reminded me to take mine out. “Shoot, I swear I packed a pencil,” I said in my head, while the hunt through my bag began. Getting a bit nervous to find this pencil I think, “Maybe if I could wake up and open my eyes a little bit more I could find the darn thing.” The advisor is almost done checking confirmation papers and ID’s. Why does everyone else seem more relaxed about this than I do? Listening to the clock tic and tock, I close my tired eyes and try to calm down. The advisor announces, “It’s now 8:00 am and it is time to start the SAT.” One of the most anticipated yet stressful days in a high school students’ life is the day of the SAT. This test is an astronomical section of the college application. Thus, being the reason students take the test numerous times. Now-a-days, 2.1 million students find themselves sitting in a desk taking

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