Nina And The Lord Of Volccanic Essay

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NINA AND THE “LORD OF VOLCANIC FIRE” NINA AND THE “LORD OF VOLCANIC FIRE” Nina and her grandmother lived in a shell cottage in a village called SERWAN. She was an adventurous girl. One day, her grandmother asked her and her friends to get some twigs from “The forest of volcanic fire”. It was a forest that was said to have a legendary creature, a dragon, also called the, “lord of volcanic fire”. One part of the forest was safe while the other was not safe as it was ruled by the “lord of volcanic fire”. It was a long winged creature that is said to be living inside a black lake called richerie. From its mouth lava used to come out of it.The only means that can control it was peacock feathers. It was releasing lava so much that thousand peoples died a day. It was cleverly protected by the black lake which had many in number of quicksand and it has only one bridge to cross the lake was underwater. No boats can cross the lake. It was 10 kilometers from the village. Since there were no vehicles in the village to travel, they would travel only by foot and only rich people in the village had vehicles. Forest of the lord Her grandmother promised to make cheese sandwiches and veg-burgers to Nina and her friends if they bring some twigs. Nina and her friends set out to the forest with excitement and also fear at 7:30. Her grandmother said “do not go to the part that is ruled by the lord! Go to the safer part do you understand me and come before sun set” Her grandmother gave her a knife for protection, Nina kept it safely in her bag. They reached the forest by afternoon 1:30; they started searching twigs as soon they reached there. Finally, they got the twigs after a long search of 5 hours, it was 6:30 and The sun began to set. Terrified, Nina and her friends ran and got mislead in the dusk. They reached a big house near the lake richerie. They

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