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A man of science Today, I am going to talk about one of the greatest minds of all time, big inventor and scientist, Nikola Tesla. Nikola Tesla was born on 10 th July 1856, of Serbian nationality in Smiljan, the Austrian Empire (today Croatia). Tesla’s father was an Ortodox priest. Beside, Nikola, his father had three daughters and one son – Dane. Dane was killed in a horse-riding accident when Nikola was five. Everybody taught that Dane was more intelligent then Nikola, and that made a great mark on whole Tesla’s early life and work, because he always tried to prove that he also was worth of father’s attention. Tesla was a bright student and in 1875 went to the Austrian polytechnic in Graz. However, he left to gain employment in Marburg in Slovenia. Evidence of his difficult temperament sometimes manifested and after an estrangement from his family, he suffered a nervous breakdown. He later enrolled in the Charles Ferdinand University in Prague, but again he left before completing his degree. During his early life, he experienced many periods of illness and periods of startling inspiration. Accompanied by blinding flashes of light, he would often visualise mechanical and theoretical inventions spontaneously. He had a unique capacity to visualise images in his head. When working on projects, he would rarely write down plans or scale drawings, but rely on the images in his mind. In 1880 he moved to Budapest where he worked for a telegraph company. During this time, he became acquainted with twin turbines and helped develop a device that provided amplification for when using the telephone. In 1882 he moved to Paris, where he worked for the Continental Edison Company. Here he improved various devices used by the Edison company. He also conceived the induction motor and devices that used a rotating magnetic fields. With a strong letter of recommendation, Tesla went to

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