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Nike Sweatshop Case Study

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Nike Sweatshops

1) Who are the key stakeholders in this case and what are their interests? (Be as specific as you can here.)

      There are multiple key stakeholders in this case study. The most pertinent key stakeholders are Nike employees. There were many employees affected by the sweatshop labor. Young children and women were forced to work in unjust and inadequate conditions. They were exposed to toxic chemicals and many other risky environments that were harming their health. Employees in sweatshops in foreign countries also faced long hours and low wages. Their interest as an employee of Nike is to receive fair and safe labor rights. Another stakeholder evident in this case is Nike. Nike is faced with the dilemma of improving their foreign labor policy. They are interested in keeping their prestigious title. They do so by taking responsibility and making appropriate changes to working facilities. As a corporation, they are interested in profit but also to retain stakeholders and maintain their ‘claim-to-fame.’

2) What is this case about?   (You can have more than one answer here; it would be good practice to try and think of more than one and then think about which of your answers is the best and why.)

      This case is about Nike and their unfair foreign labor facilities. In this case study, it is representative that Nike has to implement many plans and strategies to change this unethical practice. They pair up with other corporations in order to improve labor. Nike also agrees to work with government agencies to make sure they are taking the right steps forward.

Another perspective of this case would say that the main idea in this case is how unsafe the working environments were for many of the Nike employees in foreign countries. It is evident that young children, women, and men were forced to work in environments that could and were severely harmful to their health. Not only was their health at risk, but were compensated a very low...

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