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Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger It will make you run faster, jump higher, and give you the ability to play like you have never played before. It is often, that in pop culture and modern day society, companies of brands will advertise their products in an exaggerated and exciting way. This method tends to peak the interest of people who are relevant to the products capabilities. The advertising gives the viewer a sense of reassurance that whatever is being done in the picture can happen to them, with the help of the product. This article appeals to soccer players by showing the product, the Mercurial Nike Vapor soccer cleats, being worn by a very credible icon of the sports world, Clint Dempsey. When this article is first catches the prospective customers eye, the first thing noticed would be the color scheme of the page. The color scheme is identical to the color of the cleats causing the page to blend into a vibrant array of pink and white. On the far left of the page, the pictures of the Nike Vapors are shown being composed of a multitude of triangles. The Vapors burst into a picture of Clint Dempsey using the product in action. In bold, black lettering the page states, “My Time Is Now”. The quote is used to inspire the viewer to take action this very moment and with the help of the product, they too can become as successful and skilled as Clint Dempsey. The use of a professional soccer player in the advertisement is an example of ethos. It can be defined as ethos because Clint Dempsey is one of the best players in the world of soccer and he has played at the highest level of competition possible. Playing at the professional level is every players dream and since Clint Dempsey has achieved that goal and wears the Mercurial Vapors, it gives the reader the idea that if they too use this product they can obtain the same amount of success. What makes the Nike

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