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Nike Overview According to the founders of Nike are Bill Bowerman and Phil Knight. Bill Bowerman was the head coach of track and field at the University of Oregon, and always trying to get his runners a head start when it came to being competitive. He tried many new methods such as re-hydration drinks, but the one that stood out the most was the idea of specific running shoes. When he presented his ideas to well-known manufactures of the 1950’s, they initially did not accept them. With this defeat, Bowerman started to construct shoes for his runners, himself. In the fall of 1955, a gifted middle-distance runner from Portland enrolled at Oregon named Phil Knight, who would end up running for Bowermans track team. While attending Stanford University, where he later earned his MBA in finance, Knight wrote a paper in which he stated that Japan is capable of developing running shoes that would be able to compete with the already recognized German brands. Like Bowerman, Knights ideas were initially ignored by manufactures in Japan. Knight then took a chance and convinced the manufacture of Tiger shoes, in Kobe, Japan, to make him a distributer in the U.S. When Knight received samples of some shoes, he offered to sell them to Bowerman, but instead Bowerman told Knight he wanted to team up with him. That was the start of Blue Ribbon Sport, which would later become the base of what we now know as, Nike. Bowerman and Knight both had fulltime jobs and could not manage the young but quickly growing company, so they hired Jeff Johnson to manage the company, and Johnson became the first and very valuable employee at Blue Ribbon Sports. Jeff Johnson was not just an ordinary employee; he had a big hand in why Nike is a leader in sportswear in today’s market: from creating the first product brochure to opening the first retail store in Santa Monica, California, and

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