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NikeFree Introduction: Nike is a well known profitable business with many stakeholders, Nikes mission is to bring most innovative & comfortable foot wears & sportswear to all customers, as well as keeping a sustainable profit & growth for the company through its corporate responsibility mission, which is not separated from business. Nike seeks comfort in their products for athletes and communities too. The following 5 points will present Nike product strategy giving the example of Nike Free shoes: * Anticipating the need of consumers: Through pout the years since Nike was established, innovation was the key to make something both comfortable & effective for runners, as their first product was a shoe designed especially to enhance comfort for runners as it had cushioning system inside. * Research & Development: When Nike decides on what to make they based that on their Nike sports lab, as first they would identify the athletes needs, then make a product using their high technology tools and based data, however that’s not it, as Nike would test the product & ask people of what they expect next. As the next expectation was to make a shoes that gives the same strength and speed that the barefoot foot gives, one of coaches that Nikes deal with had discovered that training runners barefoot give greater results and based on that after Nike done their lab work they decided to make shoes with same concept of running barefoot. * Independent test: For Nike to make best shoes they would test it on famous athletes and also casual runners which are called control groups, these groups uses Nike besides their usual running shoes, compare and tell the results, and that happened actually with Nikefree shoes and the result was 1% difference in speed, although the result might seems small but in the sports word 1% increase in speed and

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