Nike Environmental Scanning

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ENVIRONMENTAL SCANNING The Internal Assessment Marketing* * Target Market: Male and Female around 18 – 34 y.o. * Positioning: High performance shoes designed with hi-tech features * Have many brands and products model for each type of consumers. * Have high allocation of advertising budget for endorser contract, TVC, print ads, and sponsorship activities. * Have top endorsers that are the champion in their sports areas. Distribution* * Nike has worldwide distribution line * Nike has good distribution line to retailer * Nike has new ordering system, named Futures Ordering Program Research & Development* * Nike has NSRL (Nike Sport Research Laboratory) and APE (Advanced Product Engineering) which cooperated in developing and executing idea * Nike did direct research to the athlete by accompanying their daily activities to find the best suitable product * Nike always developing superior technology to compete with others Management Style / Culture* * Knight as CEO Nike, is an former athlete of long distance run * Nike working culture is established as camaraderie and cooperative culture. * Factory design in Oregon is especially designed to create natural circumstances and equipped with complete sport facilities. Social Responsibility* * Nike placed VP for social responsibility in 1998 * Nike joined Fair Labour Association (FLA) and Global Alliance for Workforce and Communities (GAWC) * Nike funded many NGO such as WWF, etc. * Nike do public relation activities to keep the company’s image Finance / Accounting* * Nike has healthy financial situation, But, Profit margin is lower than Gross Profit margin | 2013 | 2012 | 2011 | Gross Profit Margin | 43.6% | 43.5% | 45.7% | Profit Margin | 9.8% | 9.5% | 10.6% | Current Ratio | 347.1% | 305.1% | 285.4% | ROA

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