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Nike is a multinational company founded in 1964 as Blue Ribbon Sport Company by two Americans called Bill Bowerman and Phil Knight. Then in 1971 it officially named Nike. It involved in the design, development, manufacturing and global promoting and merchandising of footwear, apparel, equipment, accessories and services. Nike is one of the major global providers of athletic shoes and apparel and a prime industrialist of sports equipments, with revenue overabundance US$24.1 billion in its fiscal year 2012. Nike brand alone was worth $19 billion in 2014, this inspire Nike to be the most worthy brand between athletics business. (Wikipedia 2012) The brand image of Nike at the beginning was structuring is an absolute American image, elevated performance, creative and innovative offensive brand, correlated with the high notch sportsmen, winners and gainers, mostly serious males. Nike recognized as a High performance brand as Nike look at performance as highest precedence they design shoes that are long-lasting and lightweight for runners. They are designing their shoes to offer the sportsmen the high performance. From doing that, Nike gains a reputation as a supplier of the best running shoes designed mainly for the sportsman. (Coucha 2011) The Nike brand placement in the mind of the customers as an elevated end product which is completely expensive, but offer the value for money with its services, quality, and design. All of this leads to customer satisfaction and thus customer loyalty. (Coucha 2011) Nike is largely targeted as professional sportsmen. Its innovations, products, and services look up to evolve sporty possibilities. Nike as a company also, concentrates on women customers. Indeed, the Women’s Training segment is quicker increasing than the Men’s Training segment. (Soni 2014) Nike main targeted age segment appears to be mid-teens to mid thirties. The

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