Nike and Marketing Myopia Case Study

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Nike Case • Nike’s main Marketing strategy that has elevated the company to become the world’s most successful and most recognisable athletic brand is what’s known as the “Pyramid of Influence”. • Nike believed that in order for them to succeed they needed to produce goods that preference a small percentage of top athletes, in turn influencing the regular consumer to choose Nike over its competitor as the brand of choice. They implemented this through their marketing campaigns that features top-accomplishing athletes in their sports, such as Michael Jordan as a spokesperson, resulting in revenue hitting over $100 million in the first year of his involvement. • Another Marketing Campaign Nike used was the use of the slogan “Just Do It” which has now become a synonymous slogan as important as the brand itself. “Just Do It” sparked a generation of average consumers to become proactive and reach for their goals. • Nike expanded into the European market through its Marketing Campaigns focusing on Soccer, the predominant sport of Europe. Nike focused on becoming active sponsors of many leagues, clubs and national teams. The use of the “Pyramid of Influence” saw them gain marketing success when they landed the sponsorship of the Brazilian Soccer Team, who won the 1994 World Cup, soaring Nike’s reputation in the field of Soccer into new heights. • Nike gained a massive increase in the Asian market through its marketing campaigns during the 2008 Beijing Olympics, featuring ads with Olympic Athletes, along with sponsoring most of the Chinese teams that competed. • Nike’s other Marketing Strategy is their partnerships and endorsements. Teaming up with Tiger Woods in Golf, Nike connected fans with Tiger through the website in a forum style setting. In Tennis Nike aligned itself with the powerhouses of Tennis. In Cycling Nike teamed up with Lance

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