Nike and Its Iconic Meaning Essay

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Nike and its Iconic Meanings When an average person mentions or hears the word Nike, what do they think of? The majority of people would automatically think of sports. Along with sports, they would think of being victorious and never failing. Nike has managed to cause people to think these things because of their marketing. The company logo “Just Do It” is telling people that they shouldn’t question what they want to do, they should go out and accomplish it and they will be successful. In Greek culture, Nike is the name of the god of victory (Sayles 43.) Nike also uses celebrities and its trademark logo, the swoosh, to influence people. People see celebrities and commercials of people using Nike and want to relate themselves to them because they see how successful those people are. All of these are true statements if you are speaking about culture and views within the United States. In other countries, Nike is the epitome of United States culture… “more.” Foreign nations, and even Americans, feel that United States citizen believes that more is better. In order to create “more”, Nike establishes supposed “sweatshops” in foreign nations in order to create the product cheaper. Other countries do not support the “sweatshops” and do not view Nike as a sign of victory and success. In the United States, Nike is seen as being victorious, never failing, and representing the American way of life through it’s marketing and means of representing its product. In foreign countries however, Nike represents the negative side of the American way of life such as oppression of minorities or people with lesser power. When a company wants to promote a product, its name is a very important aspect (Simonin.) It shouldn’t be too long or awkward sounding or else people would dislike saying the name. Nike is a short and easy to use word. There is further reasoning

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