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Table of Content Title Page 1.0 List of Table 2.0 List of Figure 3.0 Executive Summary 4.0 Introductionw 5.0 What type of business is it? Who are its core competitors? 6.0 How well has the brand been historically performing? 7.0 Which customer segment is the brand trying to serve? 8.0 What is the brand’s core offer – product assortment/services/pricing? 9.0 What is the brand value propositions/key appeal with its target customer? 10.0 Is the brand differentiated enough against its core competitors? Why? 11.0 How well is the brand executing in achieving its market position? 12.0 What should the brand be doing to enhance its market position? 13.0 Conclusion 14.0 References List of Table Title Page Table 1 Testing Method Table 2 NIKE+ Product Table 3 Marketing Mix for NIKE List of Figure Title Page Figure 1 Nike “Swoosh” Figure 2 Micheal Jordan Figure 3 John McEnroe Figure 4 Micheal Johnson Figure 5 NIKE’s Supply Chain Figure 6 Internet-Driven Supply Chain 3.0 Executive Summary Marketing management emphases on the marketing techniques and methods for the management of a company's marketing activities. The brand that I have chosen for this assignment is NIKE. NIKE is one of the biggest manufacturers of footwear and apparel for athletic. NIKE is implementing four type of customer segmentation, which are geographic segmentation, demographic segmentation, psychographic segmentation and behavioral segmentation. Furthermore, NIKE has offered broad product assortment, satisfactory level of services and reasonable price for their customer. They sponsor products to most of the top athletes, which can link their product together to increase their sales. NIKE wants to be different with their competitors as so they worked together with APPLE in order to produce digital products. Lastly, they implement

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