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Trident University International Stephanie R. Edwards ACC201 Financial Accounting (SLP 1) Dr. Anis Milad NIKE My interest in research on the Nike Company is due to the fact I enjoy the use of the company product. I do a good deal of running being in the military and always look for comfortable shoes that enhance my training. I also enjoy sports and believe Nike has the best shoe line available. This company has a great history of progress. To research the product and service that Nike has to offer I will utilize the internet and solicit feedback from friends and customers who either work at Nike stores or wear and utilize the company product. Nike began its history as Blue Ribbon Sports in 1964 at the University of Oregon. The company designed shoes that many fell in love with. It is said that Nike shoes are named for Nike, the Greek goddess of victory. The company has also designed a logo, known as the "Swoosh" mark, and placed it on everything Nike produces shoes, equipment and apparel for all ages. The first retail location for the company opened in 1966 in Santa Monica, California. As the relationship between Blue Ribbon Sports and Onitsuka Tiger ended in 1971, the company launched its own line known simply as "Nike." Thus came the well know and most popular sports retail name NIKE. The company later added slogans such as "Just Do It", catch phrases that appealed to the generations to come. Nike is the world leader in athletic shoes. The company rose quickly from small-time sales at track meets to a major publicly-traded Fortune 500 company. Throughout its history and background, Nike has utilized strong advertising campaigns to separate itself from its competition. Two of the most memorable marketing campaigns, "Just Do It" and the Air Jordan brand, cemented Nike as one of the most popular shoes Michael Jordan, one of the most famous

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