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Integrating Sustainability Into Our Game Plan At Nike, one way we seek to deliver shareholder value is through sustainable growth. To us, sustainable growth means our long-term vision to deliver profitable growth decoupled from constrained natural resources, even as we work to deliver value to our shareholders in the near term. Meeting these two objectives requires a careful balance – one our stakeholders expect of us – and it remains our commitment. We attempt to strike this balance by leveraging our significant competitive advantages, including our authentic, emotional connections with consumers; innovative product and retail experiences that lead the industry; and a strong NIKE, Inc. portfolio that gives us tremendous opportunities for growth and profitability. As we set aggressive goals in all areas of our business – financial, social and environmental – we are committed to sharing these goals and to reporting on our performance to consumers, the investment community and others interested in our commitments and progress, including the wider sports and apparel industry, community groups and academia. Over the past 15 years, we have moved from approaching sustainability as a risk management issue to viewing it as an innovation opportunity and a competitive advantage to be integrated into every aspect of our business. A more holistic sustainability strategy that is fully integrated into the business enables Nike to create value, not just through risk mitigation, but also through top-line growth, cost avoidance and better access to capital. As an example, our next portfolio of sustainability targets is designed to improve Nike’s environmental and social impacts for us and across our value chain, while also avoiding costs across the value chain by reducing waste, energy and water expenditures. In FY10, to help us further accomplish this transition, we

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