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Rich Keep Getting Richer Over the years many Multi National Corporations such as Nike have been put in the spot light for their abuse of child labor, forcing young children to work sixteen hour days seven days a week. Several questions need to be asked: Why do they continue to force children into what many would consider slavery? How can these Multi National Corporations continue to getaway with the abuse of child labor even after being associated with it? Should Multination National Organizations who are associated with crimes against human rights have to answer to the United Nations? What can be done to best prevent these organizations from abusing child labor? Who is to blame for all of these atrocities? And ultimately how can these practices be stopped? Let’s begin with one extreme example of a Multi National Organization Nike. Who is a multiple offender of using child labor in their factories and manufacturing plant across the globe. Nike has been linked to many different scandals including one in Vietnam in the late 1990’s, where a chemical named Toulene (which can if over exposed to can lead to central nervous system failure and can damage the liver and kidney) was said to surpass the legal amount by more than 6 times.( Barbara, 2004) Again they were exposed in the late 90’s when Time Magazine printed an article over a plant in Pakistan where Nike had its high end hand stitched soccer balls were produced at, time included in the article a picture of a 12 year old boy hand stitching a ball.( Barbara, 2004) One extreme example is when Jim Keady went to Indonesia to experience first hand the living conditions work environment of employees of a plant that manufactured Nike goods. What Keady endured surprised even him and his fellow colleague. They lived in a one bed room cement 9 foot by 9 single room which they shared with ten other families (Taxi, 2008).

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