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Nike, now the largest marketer of athletic shoes was a company that was inspired by two certain individuals, Bill Bowerman and Phil Knight. Now seen as a giant transnational company, its roots budded from the college town of Beaverton, Oregon as a quest for these marketing geniuses to make a living and to create lighter shoes for the purposes of running track. This small quest reached a global scale when Knight, a graduate from the University of Stanford proposed manufacturing quality running shoes in Japanese factories to compete with German made shoes. They’re small business proposal was later expanded with the aid of Asian production of the shoe, great marketing, technology, etc. evolving from the budding stages of the company to what is now a billion dollar company that ranks #153 in the Fortune 500 companies, operates in more than 160 countries around the globe, touching lives in every continent- directly and indirectly impacting over a million people with their innovative concept of athletic footwear and more. In reality what Phil Knight did was create a low priced, well merchandised export from Japan with affiliation with Onitsuka Company in Kobe, Japan- a distributor of Tiger running shoes to compete with German products that were then in high demand in the United States. For this exporting of Japanese shoes to the US to keep continuing, Knight created Blue Ribbon Sports (BRS) to fulfill Onitsuka’s expectation that they were dealing with an actual company; the forerunner of what later became Nike. This shoe company then began to market in unconventional ways, pushing their product directly to the consumer/athlete. Being coaches and participants of sporting events themselves, Knight send out dozens of his shoes to Northwest high schools and track programs, creating a larger and larger market for his developing shoe company. This was also aided by creating a

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