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Is it possible for Nike Inc. to develop an effective public relations strategy? It has been over a decade since the public was informed that Nike was mistreating its workers in foreign countries. Once the public was aware of one supposed issue, there were others to follow behind. This kind of publicity harms an organization terribly, with some consumers taking the stance to ban purchasing their products at all. After all these awful allegations towards Nike, what can the company do to improve their public image? From this case, it has been shown that Nike has implemented many programs and projects to alleviate some of the bad perceptions that people have of the organization. But, Nike could take these programs one step further and put emphasis on the foreign countries in which it operates. The organization relies on its Code of Conduct to persuade consumers to see the organization is a good light, but this seems to be failing. The company could implement different codes of conduct for the countries in which it operates. This would be beneficial due to the cultural differences in each country. The company could show that the Code of Conduct emphasizes norms and beliefs of the countries in which it operates. Nike made attempts to address its critics and they were unsuccessful because critics seemed to think the company was just pacifying them by showing all the ways in which they were trying to build their public image. At first, Nike just ignored all the allegations, which is not the most effective way to handle these types of problems. The organization should have had programs already in place, so that when the allegations first surfaced, the company could have refuted them. What Nike attempted did not work, because their programs were put in place after the fact, and the critics seemed to think that the programs were implemented to cover up the

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