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It’s cold and I’m running, and I continue to run. I just can’t seem to get away. The deep, dark voices are calling my name and they are getting closer and closer. I fall and I can’t get up. I’m stuck in one of their traps. I start screaming as I see the faces of three men. Their faces seem to be burned and they are coming right towards me with sharp blades in their hands. I’m so afraid and I can’t get away from them. Right before they get to me, it ends. I wake up screaming. We all remember as children having dreams like this. The dreams were so awful at times, we would wake up very afraid and sometimes screaming and crying. What were these dreams, and why were we having them? To this very day, some of us still do not fully understand the concept of nightmares, which not only occurred when we were young, but often occur still. Our nightmares are dreams that are very unpleasant that occur during REM sleep. These types of dreams usually cause extremely negative emotional responses. This is why after a nightmare we tend to wake up very afraid or fearful. Nightmares are unusual for children under the age of five, but they are normal and often occur in older children. Teenagers and adults are less likely to experience nightmares. Our next question is very obvious. What is the cause of these nightmares? There are many different factors that cause nightmares to occur. These dreams can come from the smallest things such as eating right before going to bed. Some medications that serve as narcotics or antidepressants, or medicines used to lower blood pressure can also be the cause of a nightmare. Also if the body is accustomed to consuming alcohol every night, if that person were to go to bed sober, it is very likely that a nightmare would occur. Depression, stress, and anxiety are among the many factors that cause nightmares. It is also said that 75% of dream content is

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