Nightmares Essay

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Nightmares 1 Nightmares Tiara Polanco American Military University Nightmares 2 Nightmares What are nightmares? I am pretty sure this question runs through everyone's mind. There has been previous research that people who have frequent nightmares score high on psychotic symptomatology. In this paper I will discuss what psychologists believe are nightmares and explain on the research studies that have been done to find out all those unanswered questions. It has been estimated that 5 to 10% of nonclinical adult have at least one nightmare a month throughout their lifetime. There have been recent studies that linked frequent nightmares to personality characteristics and psychopathological symptoms. They have also associated nightmares with disorders like schizophrenia. It has been reported that some children who had frequent nightmares later Nightmares 3 developed schizophrenia. Nonclinical adults who have reported frequent nightmares since childhood stated that they had a first or second-degree relative who suffered from schizophrenia. It has also been proven nightmares in nonclinical personnel have to do with anxiety and guilt. One research study involved 43 people that responded to a newspaper ad for adults who suffered more than one nightmare a month since childhood. They screen the callers through the telephone to eliminate the possibility that they were experiencing other sleep disorders. Out of the 43, 30 were chosen 24 women and 6 men ranging the age

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