Nightmare Essay

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My mother always reminded me to wash my legs before going to sleep or you’ll get a nightmare . I never believed it until it happened to me . After I finished up all my homework that day , I joined my sister watched a Japanese horror movie which was one of the most popular that time , Ju-On . The story is about an apartment that has been cursed and whoever lived inside the apartment will face death . This story was really spooky and macabre . This story was really popular for its ghost who was a boy that had a long hair with really horrified face and crawled all around the house . Whenever this boy appear on the screen I will slightly cover up my sight with my pillow as I don’t want to watch as the boy is really atrocious . I really afraid and one of my precaution step from being shocked by this boy was I always ready to cover up my sight with my pillow when I thought the boy will appear . ` After finished watching the movie , I felt very hungry and I went to the kitchen to have a sandwich and a cup of a cold milk . The Ju-On was still around my mind as I cannot stop imagined if the boy suddenly appeared infront of me and abruptly “pang ! ” a plate had fallen from the kitchen table . I felt very scared that time as this also one of the scene in the movie where the maid inside the apartment always being disturbed by the boy like this . without any second thought I just run back to my room and left all the sandwich behind . I jumped on my bed and covered up all of my body with my quilt . I heard a voice that called me from outside the window , “ Hassan … Hassan …help me ….help me .. .“ That voice was really similar with the girl’s voice in the Ju-on movie , I tried to pretend did not hear anything but the voice became much louder and louder . My heart beating faster and my sweat running through my forehead . This was really a critical moment for me as I did

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