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The book Night is mainly about what a kid and his father went through during the holocaust. It tells the story of a young boy trying to survive holocaust. In the book Elie Weisel writes about the things he will never forget. He writes about some images that are forever going to be stuck with him. He also says some feelings he felt during that time. I have plenty of images, feelings, and ideas that come to mind when I read the book Night, and when I look back on it. One image that for me was very terrifying was when they hung a kid in public. They had everyone gather around and watch the kid be hung. I will never forget that image. A feeling that came upon me was sadness. I felt that that kid had no right to be hung. They had hung him just…show more content…
People would creep in at night on Eli’s father and hit him to be able to steal the little food he had. I will never forget the image of the sick father getting beat for his food because that was his food and nobody had the right to steal it. He was sick and the little food he had he needed. I felt pain when I read of this part in the book. The pain the father must have been in trying to fight for his food and then getting it taken from him and having to feel hunger and sick. An image of sadness came to me because the father couldn’t do anything for himself. He was to weak to even try to fight them. The father imagining his old life back. Were he did not have to fight for his food he had the food he wanted, whenever he wanted. And then now he didn’t. That image must have hurt him he probably missed that so much. Those are just three of the images, feelings, and ideas that came to me after reading the book Night. There are many more, but I felt like those three were the most important and most significant parts in the book. After reading Night I have also learned how to appreciate a lot of the things I have. Realizing how many people had to fight for their lives and for the food they ate made me realize not to take my food or the things I have for granted. This book helped me and taught me a

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