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Night of Violence Essay

  • Submitted by: churonsky
  • on December 3, 2013
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A Night of Violence

It is known that the violence has increased worldwide in the last couple of years. Every day in the daily news it is seen lots of robberies, kidnapping and drug dealing. Ecuador is not an exception. Although the official stand is that security is actually improving, it is not what one can see on a daily basis. A couple of nights ago my friends and I got robbed even though we took all the cautions possible. This reminds me of an old Muslim proverb that says: “Trust in Allah but tie your camel”
As usual my friends and I choose a designated driver so it will be safe to hang out or go clubbing plus is more comfortable to carpool. That night was Jessica’s time behind the wheel.   Therefore it was up to her to pick up all of us. It was a Wednesday night around 8 PM. That night looked like any other night. As Jessica was driving we were talking, joking, laughing; just another night having fun with my friends.    
Soon after we pulled over to pick up the last one of us, 3 guys appeared out of nowhere each one with a gun, the first thing I saw was a gun pointing at Jessica and a guy on a black hoodie yelling and swearing at us. My first reaction was to yell back, the guy’s reaction was to hit me with the back of his gun. I got a little dizzy with the hit and immediately hear a guy on my left with a gun on my head asking for my phone. Once again I tried to yell back to him and try to convince the guy that I did not own a phone. He did not believe that so I got another hit on my head.   Two hits with a gun on my head are enough for me, so I gave up everything; my phone and all the money I had on my pockets.
They disappeared as quickly as the appeared.   We saw some police lights blinking some blocks away so we drive towards the cops looking for help. We told was just happened to them and a neighbor came down with information of their getaway car including the model and license plates.   They did not seem to care much about us or about what just happened...

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