Night of the Long Knives Essay

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Rohm and Hitler disliked each other, even though they were great friends back in the old days. They were both ambitious and competitive, which their ideas would clash between each other whether or not it would do well to the army or Germany. When Hitler came to power as Chancellor, Rohm knew that things wouldn’t turn out lightly for him which made his situation uncomfortable. Hitler had his own plans and could easily do what he wants to accomplish but for Rohm, as a SA leader, could do nothing more than assessing the SA troops. Come to think about it, planning a coup might mean that Rohm’s holding a grudge behind Hitler’s back. But did Rohm actually plan a coup that would overturn Hitler’s plans? Source 3 provides us an ample amount of details of what had happened during the night of which Ernst Rohm had been taken into custody. Hitler’s chauffeur, Eric Kempka, would have believed of what Hitler had said about Rohm’s act of carrying out a coup. Surely, Kempka would have a sense of doubt that Rohm couldn’t possibly want to carry out a plan against Hitler due to his loyalty and oath in as a Nazi leader. This indicates that to a person who knew Hitler and Rohm, it was very unlikely that Rohm was planning a coup. The source explains specific details of how they managed to bring in Rohm during that night. It explains the scenario in which Hitler and Rohm were, along with 2 detectives that were readily armed. As Hitler announced that he was now under arrest, Rohm showed no signs of restrain or any conflict but also did not admit that he was planning a coup against Hitler. This would only mean that Rohm did not exactly want to seize power to overthrow Hitler, leaving this situation a mistake. Sources 4 and 5 relatively have connections between these two sources. Rohm clearly states in these two articles that he isn’t jubilant about the way that things were going. Rohm
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