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NEDS I am writing this essay about two articles I have read. The first article i read was called “Night of the Living Neds” and the second article was called “Out of Control British Teens Worst behaved in Europe”. I’d like to focus on the way I think the author of the article has singled out Individual’s behaviour, how it could be stopped and the culture which causes it. The word NED is an abbreviation for non educated delinquent which means someone who has no education, hands about the streets and gets into bother. A female Neds is also known as a hairy. There are more female Neds in Glasgow than male as show in this survey, female (17.4%) male (12.7%). The following is a quote from the article “Night of the Living Neds”. “Out…show more content…
I think that the first way we could maybe tackle the problems is by giving parents a talk about Neds and Ned culture. I also think that if parents don’t know what their kids are doing and their doing something wrong the police should take them home and talk to their parents I think that the parents with drink and drug problems could be giving help like making their kids stay with another member of their family while their parents are in rehab. Another way Neds could be stopped is bringing things to do in to the communities so they are not hanging about the streets I think “Out of control British teens the worst behaved in Europe” article i a little bit more for teens because the text isn’t exaggerated like “Night of the living neds” article. It focuses on the positives rather than the negatives. For example like when they mention the possibility of more cash for youth groups and other activities. I conclusion i think this topic is an important one for young people their parents and those who come in contact with the younger generation. It leads to discussion about what can be done to solve the problem not only on our streets but in the homes where neds

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