Night Of Phoenix Arizona Analysis

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The story makes the reader ponder deep about the real meaning of relationships. We make relations with people everyday and every once in a while people come in and leave a lasting impression on our lives. That is what I feel has been emphasized by this story. The first sequence takes place at the reservation. Victor had just lost his job and heard about his father's passing. He needs money to travel to Phoenix Arizona where his Father's body is. Here it is shown clearly about Victor's financial standing and his family's also and how he desperately needed some extra financing to get to Arizona. This setting is important as we get introduced to Victor's friend at one time, Thomas. Thomas- builds-the-Fire, is described as a person who keeps…show more content…
But towards the end though Victor mentions a deep phrase " Everybody talks to everybody in airplanes. Its too bad we cannot always be that way". It was Thomas's turn then to say Victor was thinking too much. A bonding moment between two old friends. Here Victor apologizes to Thomas for beating him one night and Thomas responded by saying they were kids and Victor was drunk so no need to worry about that. Victor then remembers a childhood incident where he was caught on an underground wasp nest and he was able to get out with the help of Thomas. Here in lies the significance of their relationship. Most of Victors childhood we could find Thomas being part of it. Even though they have not been talking to each other since they were 15, it is Thomas who is standing side by side with Victor at his father's passing. The next setting is when Thomas talks about an incident in Spokane falls, when Thomas was still young to travel alone, found his way there and was waiting for a vision. It was Victor's father who gave Thomas a ride back to the reservation and made sure no one else found out about the incident. Herein lies the crux of the story, when Thomas mentions his vision " Take care of each other", and it is then revealed the true reason for Thomas being there. He was there for Victor's father and his promise to him of taking care of

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