The Night I Will Never Forget Short Story

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The Night I’ll Never Forget It was like any other Wednesday night. We just came back from a District track meet at Spotswood High School. My brother and I were on our way home. I was giving a ride to a friend that night. His name was James. I turned the ignition, and a mild rumble came from the engine. Then the music came on. The music playing in the car was enough to persuade someone into nostalgia. The repetitive beats and ambient vocals were ideal for driving. My brother and James were singing with the song. I would abruptly sing the song with them. It kept reminding me of the past and how I pictured my future. So, we were on our way to James’s house to drop him off. We took a right turn at a traffic light, about a mile away from James house. My car started to slow down. It wouldn’t go faster than 30mph. I tried and tried again, but it wouldn’t go any faster. James “Yo I smell something burning” “I smell it too” my brother said. I didn’t smell it at the time. I rolled down my window to see if it was outside smell. The front brakes started to make a grinding noise. I definitely knew something was wrong. “S…, you guys are right.” We looked from inside the car to see if there was any smoke coming out of the…show more content…
We started rolling pretty smooth. Everything was going smoothly and the speed was fine too. My brother and I were talking about what we would do if it catches on fire. The smell came back. This time it was even stronger. We came to a stop at a traffic light. The people inside the car beside us kept looking as if they saw something they have never seen before. We had to pull over somewhere. The car wouldn’t go no more. It kept slowing down more and more. We rolled into Costco’s parking lot. The parking lot was dead. Empty and dark. There was still one car there getting ready to leave. We got out of our car and checked to see what was happening. Flames were actually coming out from where the tires

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