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God? Night is a dramatic book that tells horror and evil of the concentration camps that many were imprisoned in during World War II. In book Night the author, Eliezer Wiesel, is only fifteen years old when his faith is tested by the horrors of the Holocaust. His identity and possessions are taken from him in the darkest hours in his life. Ten years after he is liberated from the concentration camp, Eliezer writes the novel Night about his endeavors throughout the Holocaust and the effects on his faith. Later on, Eliezer also create the article “A Prayer for the Days of Awe” to explain his faith revelation from after the Holocaust. In Eliezer’s novel and the article there are many similarity such as he cannot understand why God has let so many people and children killed by the Germans. Also, there are many differences between them for example in the book he blames everything on God but in the article Ely realized everything was man’s fault. Besides that in the novel Night his faith to God is pure but later on in the article it is not pure any more because of all the terrible things that happened. First of all, one similarity between in both the book and the article is he cannot understand why God has let so many people and the children get killed by the Germans for no reasons. When he and his father are about to be burned for the first time Elie starts to doubt God. "Why should I sanctify His name? The Almighty, the eternal and terrible Master of the Universe, chose to be silent. What was there to thank Him for”(Night 33). At this point of the story, Elie starts to wonder why should he trust God anymore that He is allowing all these horrible things happening. In the article “A Prayer of Days of Awe” Elie writes how he expects certain things from God such as for Him to be kind and question himself. “Where were you, God of Kindness, In Auschwitz”(Wiesel 2). Elie

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