Night Essay

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Inciting Incident: As soon as Ponyboy Curtis walks out of the darkness of the movie theatre, he only has two things in mind: Paul Newman and a ride home. As Ponyboy was walking home alone, he notices that a tuff red Corvair pulls up by him, and comes out about five Socs. One of the Socs asks, “Need a haircut, greaser?” And he pulls out a blade. The rest of the Socs start to beat up Ponyboy, who was desperately yelling for help. Then his big brothers, Darrel and Sodapop, plus the rest of the gang come and chase away the Socs. Rising Action: Ponyboy runs away from home because he thinks that Darry, his older brother, was over reacting because Ponyboy fell asleep in the lot while talking to Johnny, plus he came home at around two o’ clock in the morning. After running for about ten minutes straight, Pony and Johnny stop at the park to rest. They suddenly notice a tuff vehicle arrive in the park and four Socs come out of the car. Both of the boys notice Bob, a Soc, was holding a bottle of alcohol and had the knowledge to know that Socs do unbelievable things when they’re drunk. The Soc said, “You wanna know what a greaser is, white trash with long greasy hair.” Angered inside Pony replied, “You know what a Soc is, white trash with madras shirts and Mustangs.” In an instant, all of the Socs started sprinting at Pony and Johnny. They got Johnny to the ground and went on with Pony. They looked at the fountain and had an idea to drown him. As they furiously were drowning him, Johnny sneakily got up and pulled out a large switch blade. He came up behind Bob and stabbed him right in the stomach. Then the rest of the Socs retreated. After Ponyboy woke up, Johnny admitted to him that he had killed Bob through self-defense. Johnny told Ponyboy that they had to go to Dally, a greaser, and ask him for advice. They went to go see Dally at his friend’s house. Dally brought

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