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Into the night The memoir Night shows how the Holocaust affected millions of people like Elie Wiesel. Elie Wiesel was a young boy when he was sent to camp with his father, he describes his life in camp and all the horrible things the Nazis did to the Jewish community. The Nazis killed Elie’s family and the day that he was going to be killed the American troops save him. During his writing, he changes his tone and writing style. At the beginning Elie’s overall writing style was long and with more complex words, and as the time started to pass, his writing and tone changed to more serious and faithless. The overall voice and writing style in Elie’s Night change dramatically as a result of Elie’s identity being gradually altered by the horrific events of the Holocaust.…show more content…
For example, Elie states, “ I pray to the God within me that he will give me the strength to ask him the right questions” (Wiesel 15). This quote shows Wiesel’s faithful tone because he said that he pray to God. The words pray and God associates to faith and something good. During the time that Elie live free from the Nazis, he was a very happy and caring boy. Wiesel’s overall writing style had longer sentences and more complex words. Elie’s writing style changes dramatically at the middle of the memoir, Elie become careless and faithless. For example, Elie states, “Humanity? Humanity is not concerned with us, today anything is allowed, anything is possible even this crematories” (Wiesel 42). This quote shows Elie’s careless tone because he wants to know what happen to humanity. The word humanity and the repetition of anything shows how careless Elie Wiesel has become. When Elie was put in camp his writing style became more repetitive with shorter and less descriptive

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