Night By Elie Wiesel Essay On Indifference

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English 10 Jimmy Strobel Indifference Essay 1/15/08 The author of the book Night, Elie Wiessel uses his book to show people that read it the indifference in the world that they are ignoring. His definition of indifference is people that are afraid to face the the problems in the world, and they do this because they are in denial of reality, or they are more concerned with themselves and honestly don’t care about the problems of others. In the year 2005 a terrible event took place, it was the worst thing to happen in that year and from those clues alone most people probably couldn’t tell you what it was, and this is because they are indifferent to the problem. Hearing the problem now has a minimal effect on them. If you go back to the time of the problem though then you would argue that people are not indifferent which may be true, but today it has been forgotten. The problem I speak of is hurricane Katrina. According to the Professor Wiessel, the cause for indifference is obvious and easy to point out. Either they take the easy way out and look away from the victims that are being hurt, or the problem that they see makes no difference to the way people live. But if you do not care for the…show more content…
He then later goes on saying that those are the examples we should follow to make a difference and elude indifference. If you look closely to the people that are still going down to the disastrous region to help rebuild homes, that volunteer at soup kitchens, because they don’t have the money, but they still want to make a difference. Those are the people that we should follow. It is important to listen to these people carefully because they are the ones with meaning in their lives, and they are the ones with a cause to make the world a better

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