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Any town on our planet is not perfect and has some issues in it. In some cities it is hard to have a car because the gas is too expensive. In others there is too much crime on the streets. But in Victoria one of the issues is buses. They do not run too often, but the worst thing is that they stop their service just after the midnight. It is very hard to get home from downtown on holidays and weekend because there are a lot of people waiting for cabs outside. Victoria government should run a Night Bus Program to improve the life in this town. To begin with, young people usually spend weekends with their friends in the bars or clubs in Victoria. Most of the time people do not leave the place until the place is closed. So when every place gets closed at 2-3 AM there are many people downtown looking for a taxi. Of course that there are not enough taxies for everybody, so many people have to wait for hours to get the taxi. By the time young people get home it is already 5-6 AM. There is a big probability that people who were waiting for a couple of hours outside at night and then do not get enough sleep will get sick. So the night bus would solve this problem because if young people get on the bus at 2 or 3 AM they will get home at 3 maximum 4 AM. Young people would not have to wait for a long time and get home fast and safe. To continue with, downtown of Victoria would become a safer place for everybody if there were night buses. When young adults go to the bars or clubs they usually get drunk and when they are waiting for a taxi there are more chances that they will do something stupid. Waiting for a taxi is boring and frustrating, so the young adults try to entertain themselves somehow and sometimes they accidentally harm other people. If there were night buses the young adults would go straight home and there will be less probability that people will get hurt. That

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