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Night Night begins in 1941, when a young Elie Wiesel, who lives in Sightet, and is deeply religious is warned by a mentor that everyone is endangered of being captured by the Germans. In 1944, Germans take over Sightet, and everyone is put into ghettos. The Jews of Sighet are forced into crowded cattle wagons and treated horribly. When the train arrives at Birkenau, the reception center for Auschwitz, Elie is separated from everyone in his family except his father. The male Jews are stripped of their identity, and Elie becomes number A-7713. They are then moved to camp Buna. At Buna, Elie goes through the dehumanizing process of the concentration camps. Elie receives several strokes of the whip for walking into an overseer. Elie and his father manage to survive through the selection process. Elie suffers a foot injury and has surgery on it. After the surgery, the Germans decide to relocate the prisoners because of the Russian army’s advancement. During the march to Buchenwald, Elie witnesses people losing their mind and killing their family members for bits of food. He realizes that he is beginning to care only about his own survival. By the end of the winter journey only a dozen survive, including Elie and his father. Elie’s father dies a painful death. On April 11, 1945, American tanks arrive at Buchenweld and Elie is put in a hospital to be nursed back to health. Even though he started to lose faith he made it through

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