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Night Even though Elie Wiesel experienced unimaginable fear in concentration camps, there was always a beam of light that shined on him, filling him with hope. In the memoir “Night” by Elie Wiesel, Wiesel portrays how bravery and kindness still has the power to overcome all kinds of evil. In Wiesel’s Noble Prize Acceptance Speech, Wiesel advocates how “neutrality helps the oppressor, never the victim [,and] silence encourages the tormentor never the tormented”. The horrifying experience that Wiesel went through in the concentration camps taught him that silence is always a sign of weakness in every human being. If one decides to stay silent and not talk back to any sort of disgrace or misery, he becomes a hopeless victim to a pitiless tormentor. Yet what gave Wiesel hope were all the people around him, such as the head of the block who advices Wiesel and the other’s to “move about in some way so that you give yourselves a little color. Don’t walk slowly, run! Run as if the devil were after you! Don’t look as the SS. Run straight in front of you! [..] And the essential thing, don’t be afraid” right before they enter for the selection. Even though the head of the block is supposed to be a menacing person the desperate circumstances he is in forces him to feel the prisoner’s fear and try his hardest to help them. Expressing how he had a bit of decency and humanity in him which was what gave all the prisoners hope that they could make it through the selection, and live. Elie Wiesel successfully uses his memoir “Night” to show his readers that the way to overcome all the evil in the world, is not only to stand up to it but to also to tolerate anyone who is

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