Night Essay

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While reading this book, you’ll start to notice how much people are just praying and hoping for survival. Just imagining the fact that you have to go day by day praying you’ll survive the next day without being put to death is the scariest feeling in the world. "Why, but why should I bless him? In every fiber, I rebelled. Because He had, had thousands of children burned in his pits? Because he kept six crematories working night and day, on Sundays and feast days? Because on His great might, He had created Auschwitz, Bierkenau, Buna, and so many factories of death" (page 64) Day and night they’re constantly living in fear and working their butts off, for what? Just a little visual entertainment for Hitler and his SS guards. The guards knew they were doing wrong, but there was no way they could go against Hitler’s rules without being punished pretty harshly. When you’re going through that kind of stress there are bits and pieces inside of your head that worry about how your other family members are doing and if they’re still alive. But during this time period, it was basically all man for themself. Elie was one who wouldn’t give up on anyone, except all he’d do is live in fear in silence. "The commandant announced that we had already covered 42 miles since we left. It was a long time since we had passed beyond the limits of fatigue. Our legs were moving mechanically, in spite of us, without us" (page 83). During there long journeys from camp to camp they’ve lost many people due to trying to survive. They go days without sleeping, eating and even just resting. Without sleep you start to get really weak, hallucinate, and you could possibly die. "The snow began to form a thick layer over our blankets. They brought us bread- the usual ration. We threw ourselves upon it. Someone had the idea of appeasing his thirst by eating the snow. As we were not allowed to bend down,

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