Nietzsche`s On The Genealogy Of Morality Essay

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Module Directory detail PY503-7-AU: NIETZSCHE Year: 2011/12 Department: Philosophy Essex credit: 15 ECTS credit: 7.5 Study Abroad credit: Full Year students: 4 credits. Autumn and Spring Terms students: 3 credits. Spring and Summer Terms students: 4 credits . Staff |Supervisor: |David McNeill | |Teaching Staff: |David McNeill | |Contact details: |Initial contact is Wendy Williams, Graduate Administrator (Philosophy), email philo (Non | | |essex users should add to create the full email address), tel 01206 872705 | |Module is taught during the following terms | |Autumn |[pic|Spring |[pic|Summer |[pic| | |] | |] | |] | Module Description This is an MA level module, compulsory for students on the MA Philosophy and Psychoanalysis and optional for students on the MA Continental Philosophy. MA students from other courses may take this module as an option, provided they have the prior approval of their PGT Course Director and David McNeill. Module Outline (updated June 11) Nietzsche`s Genealogy of Morality This module will be devoted to a close study of Nietzsche`s 1887 On the Genealogy of Morality, one of Nietzsche`s most influential works and most difficult works. Our primary task will be interpreting the three essays that make up the Genealogy. This will involve addressing many of the most significant themes in Nietzsche`s late work, including the opposition between master and slave moralities, ressentiment, and nihilism. It will also involve a

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