Nietzsche Contra Wagner

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Name: Instructor: Date: “Nietzsche contra Wagner” “Nietzsche contra Wagner” was written by Friedrich Nietzsche as a critical essay and was composed of passages that were recycled from past works that he had written. It was written in his last year of lucidity, which was from 1888 to 18889. The work was published in 1895, 6 years after his mental breakdown. In the essay, he describes how he separated from Richard Wagner, his one time friend and idol. In the essay, he attacks Wagner’s points of view as he expresses his frustration and chagrin in the life choices made by Wagner. These frustrations come from Wagner’s conversion to Christianity, which Nietzsche took as a sign that Wagner was weak. In the essay, Wagner’s philosophy on music, art, and tonality is evaluated. Nietzsche admires Wagner’s expressive and emotive powers but his religious biases are what make him disdain Wagner so much. This paper delves into Nietzsche’s disappointment with Wagner, and how his religious views diverged from his. Nietzsche’s first disappointment with Wagner stems from Wagner’s unhealthy music and base audience (Darby 60). He states that Wagner’s music makes him sick as it is unhealthy. It causes him to stop breathing with ease, with his feet seeking to go against the dance and music’s spirit with delight. He goes on to contend that there is a disturbed quality about every other of his body parts. He tells us that the reason for this is not caused by the music’s agitating nature but rather by the lack of soul and also of any bold, easy, self assured, and exuberant rhythms. The nature of its tender, golden, melodies that are oil smooth take away any gravity from its leaden, iron life (Darby 60). Wagner’s subjugation of drama and music to prose’s dictates, and the component of theatre in his operas is degrading to his music. Another disappointment has to do with the

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