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“An expert is a man who has made all the mistakes what can be made, in a very narrow field.” That is one of the famous quotes of the world renowned 20th century physicist Niels Bohr. Niels Henrik David Bohr was born on the 7th of October, 1885 in Copenhagen, Demark. His father Christian Bohr was professor of physiology at the University of Copenhagen. His mother, Ellen Adler Bohr, came from a wealthy Jewish family prominent in banking and parliamentary circles. His brother was Harald Bohr, eminent mathematician and also a Danish Olympic footballer. The two brothers player a number of matches for the Copenhagen-based Akademisk Boldklub with Niels in goal. His star sign was Libra and three other famous Libra scientists of his time were: Otto Warburg, Marie Stopes and Hans Geiger. Otto Warburg and Marie Stopes were both famous medical scientists while Hans Geiger, like Niels Bohr was a famous physicist. In 1903, Bohr enrolled as an undergraduate at the University of Copenhagen, initially studying philosophy and mathematics. In 1905, prompted by a gold medal competition sponsored by the Royal Danish Academy of Sciences and Letters, he conducted a series of experiments on the properties on water tension, using his father’s laboratory in the university which was familiar to him from assisting there since childhood. His essay won the prize and it was this success that led Bohr to abandon philosophy and adopt physics. He continued as a graduate student at the University of Copenhagen and received his doctorate in 1911. As a post-doctoral student, Bohr first conducted experiments under J.J. Thomson, of Trinity College, Cambridge and Cavendish Laboratory. In 1912, he met and joined Ernest Rutherford at Manchester University where he spent four fruitful years on and off with the older physics professor. While at Manchester University, Bohr

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