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Nicky Winmar, a St Kilda player who is still regarded as one of the best aboriginal players the AFL game has seen is being racially taunted by a vicious Collingwood crowd during a game. This most definitely wasn’t the first time Winmar had been vilified because of the colour of his skin and no longer wanted to cop it on the chin. As soon as the siren sounded, Winmar responded by facing the angry crowd, raising his jumper and pointing to his stomach. This changed the AFL and Australia forever and emphasised the terrible treatment of aboriginals. The image of him doing this represents many themes, views and beliefs including racism, indigenous pride, white supremacy and the power of sport. The Winmar Image was one of the most memorable and powerful images seen in football and showed the AFL that racism should be no longer tolerated. It represented the treatment of aboriginals who have been slurred, beaten up, wrongly jailed and killed by white Australians. Whites took over the land and started to treat it like trash unlike the natives who were one with the nature and used resources carefully. The whites pushed aside all the aboriginal customs, views and laws to make way for their own and forced the aboriginals to follow there way. Some tried to follow but did not get treated well enough and were never schooled properly so they could not learn the way the whites lived. For so many years the whites treated them like dirt and the ones who died were thought of as road kill, like animals, nothing to be ashamed of. Winmar’s act made everyone think about how they should help aboriginals through tough times and to look to them as equals, because they are. This image represents the momentum of stamping out racism in sport and everyday life from that day in 1993 onwards. We all have our race and national pride which we always love to express to show who we are and the roots

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