Nickled And Dimed An Analysis

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Patrick Rathbun US history since 1865 Vinz 5/8/2010 Nickled and Dimed Analysis When I began reading the book Nickled and Dimed by Barbara Ehrenreich there were several assumptions I held which this book really shed light on. To allow my assumptions to be understood first I must explain a little bit of my personal back ground. I grew up in a very upscale town in New Jersey in a New York City suburb and went to a private school so I very rarely had any interaction with people in the situation described by the book. I had never met any family that was supporting itself off of minimum wage jobs and potentially living in their car. That made the concept extremely abstract to me so walking in I had my own preconceived views. I think that the number one view that I held was that there wasn’t a situation where you would be unable to support yourself. I just had the idea in my head that employers wouldn’t consider their employees lives and provide a living wage. After reading I have come to realize how naïve that notion was to hold. I had always been told that if you work hard enough then you can do anything and make your own life better but most of these people are in such a hard bad place that it is entirely impossible to elevate themselves it seems as if they are on a treadmill of poverty with no chance of getting better and the only possible motion is backwards. Another notion that I held was that even if you were unable to support yourself then welfare would be enough to keep you alive and keep you healthy. I have never been as wrong as I learned when I read this book. Many of them didn’t qualify because they had been on it for too long or met the federal standard for lowest acceptable income so they were truly on their own. The most important things for me to realize was how much the author failed at this life. She went in even without stating her education or

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