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Nickel and Dimed 1 Nickel and Dimed Lindsay Cameron West Chester University Nickel and Dimed 2 The author of Nickel and Dimed, Barbara Enrenreich, wrote a great book giving readers a eye opening look at how so many of our fellow American citizens struggle to make ends meet on a monthly basis. As the book follows the journey of the author and her struggles to make ends meet, she comes off as arrogant, indignant, and very vulnerable to her task at hand. She states how she has a Ph.D. in Biology, and is very confident that she will discover hidden economies in the labor force of the low wage worker. Her arrogance showed when she thought she would have to lower her standards, by the way…show more content…
Since this was close to her hometown of Key West, she feared that people would question her project such as business owners. Her first task at hand was to find a place to live. The cost of living is way beyond her reach at $675 a month for a place which is thirty miles away for any job opportunities. She states that this is a living of “trailer trash” and it is what she has to look up to. Next on the list for Enrenreich was applying for jobs, ruling out jobs such as hotel front desk clerk, waitressing, and telemarketing. Having an excuse for each job on why they would not be fitting for her. This leaves her with jobs such as housekeeping in hotels, and working at the supermarket. While looking for jobs she notices that out of the several applications and interviews she went through none of the employers have called her back. Of course her first thought is that she is too educated for the jobs, another sign of her arrogance. Enrenreich settles for a waitressing job at one of the hotels she applied for. She is told that she will work from 2:00 till 10:00 P.M. for $2.43 an hour plus tips. Two weeks go by as Enrenreich finds out that waitressing isn’t going to make the cut in order to pay for her rent. She realizes that she would be more than $100 short for her rent, so her next motive is to find an alternative job. She finds another waitressing job at a place called Jerry’s. Enrenreich is irritated by the fatty foods that are served which she calls a “Fat Person’s Hell” and also the lack of cleanliness the place has. She also complains at the lack of breaks the employers are offered and at one point asks one of her fellow servers how she can go so long without food. Enrenreich feels as though she is not accepted in this type of society. All this work makes Enrenreich endure such pain that she starts taking drugstore- brand ibuprofens, four before each shift because a stress injury in her upper back has come back to full spasm

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