Nickel And Dimed Essay

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The book Nickel and Dimed is a book that really shows you a different perspective of how some people’s life really is. It humbles you into analyzing how your life compares to other people’s lives that might not have the same advantages as you. You never know what the person behind the cash register at a grocery store is really going through. In this book Barbara Ehrenreich becomes curious of what it would be like to make ends meet with low paying jobs. Barbara moved to three different places in completing this project. She went through many struggles, both physically and mentally by taking low paying jobs. She really did a great job in this book showing other people the difficulties of trying to survive when you are working at minimum wage. It not only reminded me of what it was like to make ends meet but it also made me appreciate workers like the ones Barbara Ehrenreich worked with. When Barbara was working in Florida she struggled to get started to even get a job. She had to basically take what ever job was available rather than the ones she preferred. She ended up waiting tables at two restaurants and working as a maid. It eventually became too physically demanding for her to continue. I can relate with what she went through, because I moved out on my own into the world when I was only sixteen years old. Although, I had a different advantage of living with my aunt Marta, I was still enforced to pay rent, my own food, and my own toiletries. I was also still trying to complete my high school education. This was one of the greatest struggles that I have ever had in my life. Financially I barely made it, so I had to give up going to school and get a full time job. This in itself was also a great challenge because I had to overcome an obstacle that Barbara Ehrenreich didn’t have any problems with. I didn’t know where to even begin to get a job, and who would hire

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