Nickel and Dimed Essay

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Ryan Bernhardt 12/7/12 Formal Essay #2 Professor Dewey Personal Essay My primary responsibility as a student is to not only to do well in my classes, but also to learn and take something away from each class. I am expected to adapt to the teaching style to the best of my abilities, and complete all homework assignments. It is my responsibility to complete these homework assignments to the standard that the teacher sets. I am expected to manage my time in order to complete everything, and have free time to do the things that I enjoy. It is my responsibility to find a way to get all of my work done on time. Barbara has different responsibilities at each of her jobs. But at most of her jobs, the expectation is that she works at a certain pace and that she does a good job. When she was a maid they would have to complete the house within restricted time, so they could finish all the houses they needed to do that day. In her waitressing job she had to keep up with her tables to keep them happy. We both have responsibilities and expectations that we have to meet, there are obstacles that come with our responsibilities; the major obstacle in both of our lives is time. Barbara and I both have very busy day-to-day lives. She shows up at work every morning ready to go, works her shift and then has other work piled on top that is very unlikely that she can finish all of her tasks within the day. She then goes to sleep and wakes up the next day to do the same thing. I have to get up make it to class on time and then spend the rest of my time doing one of four things. I am playing soccer, doing other schoolwork, having social time or sleeping. The first out of the four is soccer. I play varsity soccer for the school. Any varsity sport at a DIII college is a huge time commitment. During the season it can get pretty difficult because we have practice or a game everyday. The

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