Nickel And Dime Essay

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GIFT EZEIGBO UNSKILLED BUT SUCCESSFUL The reading “NICKEL AND DIMED”, in pages 395-426 of the book “75 reading across the curriculum”, Barbara Ehrenreich was successful as an unskilled worker because she was able to adapt to the environment and maintain herself economically. She was able to learn new skills, she was able to spend less due to her low income. At first, she got a job at HEARTHSIDE( a family restaurant) where she worked as a waitress. She was able to get along with her co- workers, she was able to satisfy her customers and she tried as much as she can to impress the management, although there were challenges but she was focused and she tried to be faithful with whatever she does. Barbara undergo some training in her new job, examples are; all food must be trayed, no refills on lemonade, carry the creamers to the table in a monkey bowl. Out of twenty seven tables, six of them are usually hers, she takes the orderings, serve the customers their meals and make sure they are satisfy. She sweeps, scrub, slice, refill and restock. It is her duty as a server to assemble the salads and desserts, pouring the dressings and squirting the whipped cream. She controls the number of butter patties her customer gets and the amount of sour cream on their baked potatoes. She wipes, cleans, consolidate ketchup bottles and recheck the cheesecake supply, she even tour the tables to make sure the customer evaluation forms are all standing perkily in their space. Barbara was able to adapt by using he encouragement skills. She encourages herself by trying to treat each shift as a one-time-only emergency, forgetting that she will have to do it again tomorrow. “I was raised by the absurd Booker T. Washington precept that says: if you’re going to do something, do it well”, “do it better than anyone has ever done it before”(75 reading

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